LTC Allen West Condemns TX Universities' Defense of CRT

LTC Allen West Condemns TX Universities' Defense of CRT

Richardson, TX, Release: February 23, 2022 -- For Immediate Release


Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West will not stand for Texas universities that defend and promote CRT and other neo-Marxist propaganda. This curriculum undermines patriotism and Texas values, while promoting race and class hatred.


Lt. Col. West stated:


As Governor of Texas, I will ensure that Texas taxpayer dollars do not go to any educational institution that promotes the advancement of cultural Marxism. If there are professors who want the academic freedom to teach Marxist principles and theories, they can do so on their own dime. But, the citizens of TX will not fund the ideological undermining of the state of Texas and the USA.


Taxpayer funded tenure will be reserved for those who wish to educate our children, not indoctrinate them. Our universities will no longer be propaganda mills for progressive socialism.”


Professors are to serve the students, not impose their political beliefs on the populace. Universities and academics will be held accountable for their curriculum. They rely on taxpayers, and will answer to them.




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