LTC Allen West’s Common Sense Solutions to End Election Fraud

LTC Allen West’s Common Sense Solutions to End Election Fraud

Richardson, TX, Release: February 17, 2021 -- For Immediate Release


As we close this first week of early voting, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West has some initial thoughts on election integrity and how we can end election fraud in the state of Texas. These thoughts below will set the basis for election reform in the West gubernatorial administration.

  Election Integrity Solutions:

Key simple solutions that can be done in the first week in office.

1. Address Verification: We have been reviewing audits on dual registrations and legal and non-legal voters.

A. Scrub all postal box registrations to requiring a physical address.

B. Address verification, especially if number of voters registered at an address exceeds five voters.

C. Utilize Constables to help enforce voter integrity and to verify addresses, if need be.

2. Clear the death roll: Using the death certificates issued. Also, establish a system where every County Clerk reports to the Secretary of State all death notifications. Those people are then cleared from the election roll.

3. Drop all registrations older than 48 months old without activity.

4. SOS tracking:

A. All election judges and workers will use a SOS-based system to log in and out while working elections.

B. The individual transporting the ballots/or hard drive to the county elections office will log in with mileage and real time GPS from their phone or device. This provides location data and informs officials at a precinct about potential delays and the reason. Any delays, stops, or re-routing will be investigated. In case of a delay such as an accident, a Constable would go to their location and deliver the ballots/drives.

5. Make engaging in election fraud a felony with a minimum one year in state jail.

Adopting common sense approaches like these will make sure that the shenanigans of 2020 will not be repeated and that we will not slouch into a banana republic.




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