Texas National Guardsman Begin Unionization Process

Texas National Guardsman Begin Unionization Process

Richardson, TX, Release: February 17, 2021 -- For Immediate Release  


To combat their abhorrent conditions, lack of direction, and payment issues, troops serving in “Operation Lone Star” are starting the unionization process. The failures of leadership have forced TXNG soldiers to feel so trapped that they feel obligated to unionize to actually receive dignity, a mission, and humane working conditions.


Lt. Col. (Ret.) Allen West’s statement on the situation is below:

"I served 22 years in the US Army and as a Battalion Commander one of my subordinate units was a TXNG artillery firing battery. They deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom with us in 2003. They performed magnificently. I am appalled at the current treatment of our TXNG members.


As Governor of Texas, I will not relegate our TXNG to this abhorrent level resulting in their seeking to unionize. As previously stated, the TXNG command group should be relieved of command. The Texas voters have the opportunity to relieve Governor Abbott of command."


The men and women who serve and protect Texas, should not be treated like a political football. Their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their families are real. Abusing them by delaying payment, not providing equipment and facilities, and failing to supply a task and purpose exposes a complete failure of leadership in Austin and the leadership of the TXNG. This will end once Lt. Col. West takes the helm.




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