LTC Pete Chambers Endorses LTC Allen West for TX Governor

  LTC Pete Chambers Endorses LTC Allen West for TX Governor

Richardson, TX, Release: February 14, 2021   -- For Immediate Release


Lt. Col. (Ret.) West is honored to receive the endorsement of LTC Pete Chambers (Ret.), who is the first Special Operations Surgeon for the Green Berets. Chambers has been on the border with the Texas National Guard since Operation Lone Star’s inception. He was driven from his position for advocating for the rights and protections of Texas troops, raising concerns about actions from cartel agents, and the imposition of vaccines on our troops.


Chambers stated:

My military career has spanned 38 years. That time has formed my ability to lead and identify leaders. For the last two years I have been on the front line of two of the most important issues affecting Texans.  


As a member of the current Governor's COVID Task Force and the border mission I have witnessed both the optics and reality.  


Never in our lifetime have we witnessed a more compelling need for LTC West's style of solid, non-optic driven style of leadership. I fully endorse Allen West without reservation.”

Lt. Col. Allen West is honored to have the endorsement of such an honorable patriot who has been at the tip of the spear for protecting Texas and protecting the troops of Texas.