The Issues

It is within us, as human beings, to create and establish a legacy that will transcend our own lives. I believe our Founding Fathers reflected upon this creation, these United States of America. I believe that these seemingly ordinary men, and women, breathed life into something that was unheard of: a nation founded upon individual liberty, rights, and sovereignty. They sought to establish a legacy that would transcend time, and their own lives, believing that each generation would pass on this ideal to the next and they would reflect back upon their wisdom, courage, discernment, and intellectual prowess. I seek to protect these gifts for my family and yours.

Rule of Law

Whenever I hear someone say that America is a democracy, I cringe. America is a Constitutional Republic, and the State of Texas began as a Republic. The foundation of a Republic is its rule of law, and we call that the Constitution. It is the Constitution of the United States of America to which I took an oath to support and defend, and likewise, I will do the same for the Texas Constitution. So, what does that mean as Governor of Texas?

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will not usurp the enumerated powers of the legislative branch and rule over Texas by edict, mandate, order, and decree. I will never use any emergency as a means by which I expand the powers of the Executive. I will operate with the declared enumerated powers to the executive branch as articulated in the Texas constitution. My intent is to govern, not rule.
  • I recognize that as an elected official, I do not have the enumerated power to declare any citizen of Texas, or business, as essential/non-essential. The most essential element of the Texas Republic is liberty.
  • I will not allow cities in Texas to become tyrannical fiefdoms that undermine liberty.
  • I will enforce Article 1, Section 3a of our Texas Constitution to combat Austin’s “Freedom City Policies” that have led to an increase in crime in our state’s capital.
  • I will end the Texas Enterprise Fund. For a Governor to use Texas taxpayer dollars for corporate welfare is unspeakable. If corporations wish to come to Texas, they should do so because it is Texas, and our policies and principles stand above all others. It is the height of corporate/government cronyism to proliferate this practice which both Republican and Democrat Party platforms in Texas rebuke. These are funds that should go towards property tax reduction.
  • I will not support the legalization of recreational marijuana or any other narcotic in the state of Texas.
  • To support the rule of law, we must have law and order. I pledge my full support to our Texas law enforcement agencies. I stand with the Thin Blue Line, but will not tolerate individual law enforcement officers who violate the trust Texas citizens have placed in them. As Governor, I will stand against Texas cities that implement policies to undermine our law enforcement agencies, such as defunding them.
  • I will use my enumerated powers given through Article 5, Section 1a to call to impeach judges who violate our constitution. Additionally, I plan to revoke judicial immunity in Texas. Judges should not be immune when violating state and federal laws here in Texas.
  • Texas is a right-to-work state which means workers will have a choice to join a union or not join a union. All Texans who want to work should be able to and not suffer undue stress from government overreach and globalist corporate disregard.
  • I will halt the implementation of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) programs which are inspired by the communist Social Credit Scores.

Border Security

Texas is not just a piece of land between Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Texas is a sovereign state that shares a massive 1,200 mile border with a foreign nation. As Governor of Texas, I will strenuously defend the sovereignty of Texas and will never support an open borders policy. Such policies put the safety and security of Texans at risk. Such policies have resulted in Texas’ designation as the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking. Dallas and Houston are the top two cities in America for the same. Illegal immigration is a multi-headed hydra that undermines our national security, endangers our local communities, threatens our educational and healthcare systems, and supports the cartels . . . It must be stopped.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will prepare, mobilize, and deploy the full strength of our Texas National Guard and Texas State Guard to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance missions along our border with the purpose of stopping the flow of persons and drugs along known infiltration routes. As only a small portion of our border wall has been built, simply building a wall is not a panacea; you must have boots on the ground and additional electronic surveillance measures.
  • Designate Mexican cartels as transnational criminal and terrorist organizations, enabling us to freeze their assets here in Texas, and arrest anyone working with these cartels. We will crack down on real estate agencies that enable “stash houses.” The goal is to financially cripple these organizations, isolate them, and reduce their effectiveness. Additionally, we will revoke the licenses of Non-Governmental Organizations that continue to aid and abet both illegal immigrants and cartels.
  • We will work with the Texas legislature to pass legislation enabling Texas to tax the remittances of illegal immigrants sent back to foreign nations.
  • If the federal government persists abdicating their constitutional duties and responsibilities to safeguard the sovereignty of Texas, we will establish a Texas Border Patrol agency with the powers to arrest, detain, and deport illegals from the State of Texas. We will use the funds seized from cartels and illegal immigrant remittances to fund this organization. If the federal government does not abide by the rule of law, Texas will.
  • We will end the policy of in-state tuition fees for illegal immigrants, nor will there be any Texas taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants, especially given that we have homeless veterans in the Lone Star State.


I find it rather disconcerting, and disturbing, that the individual tax policy of Texas is based upon the planks of Karl Marx written in “The Communist Manifesto.” Yes, two of his planks called for a progressive tax system, meaning an individual’s income is taxed and increased as their income grows. Marx advocated for the end of private property. In Texas – as it stands now — we continue to face rising property taxes with the end result that Texans never actually own their homes. So much for the great American dream.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will review the past 20 years of Sunset Advisory Commission recommendations in reforming Texas State government. The savings we find can begin to offset and lower property taxes for Texans. We finally have spending control laws in place, but we need to get government growth back within its prescribed constitutional roles and responsibilities.
  • The time has come for us to “off-ramp” from property taxes in Texas, enabling Texans to have their dream of owning their homes, their property. Before we declared a system of taxation based upon income in America, taxation was based upon consumption. There are those who refer to this as a Fair Tax. We will abolish property taxes in Texas and replace them with a consumption-based tax.
  • Texas will never have a state income tax under my watch, something that has been passed into law and made an amendment to our Constitution.
  • Instead of crony capitalist Texas Enterprise Funds and taxpayer subsidies to corporations and businesses, we should eliminate franchise taxes in Texas. The foundation for taxation in Texas will be a consumption based tax system…which means business consumption of goods and services as well.
  • All savings that we find in reducing the size and scope of the Texas government will go towards reducing our tax burden here in the Lone Star State.

Energy Independence

Texas is blessed by God with energy resources that are unimaginable. Thanks to Texas, America was energy independent and able to produce, consume, and export those critical resources. Energy security is a critical aspect of our economic and national security. As well, it is an industry that provides an exceptional quality of life for all who work in that area, something we must protect. We cannot allow Texas to fall under the spell of the delusion called the Green New Deal.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will adamantly support our oil and gas industry. As well, I will work to resume environmentally safe, and energy-efficient coal-fired energy production plants in Texas. I will also expand nuclear power plants in Texas. We are unique in that nearly 90 percent of the Lone Star State is on an independent Texas grid system. We must have a diversified energy portfolio of reliable, safe, and dependable energy sources. We cannot depend upon renewables to have nearly 25 percent of our energy distribution system. We all experienced that failure in February 2021 when we were 4 minutes and 37 seconds from total collapse of our power system.
  • I pledge to end Section 313 subsidies for renewable energy systems. If companies want to compete in the free market, then they can compete without taxpayer-funded subsidies. As well, we will reduce the energy distribution percentage upon which we rely on renewables, namely wind, 23 percent, so that we are never placed in a crisis again.
  • Texas will implement a system of third-party, preventative maintenance checks and services for our existing energy power plants. We will conduct regular inspections to ensure they are being followed, and, if not, impose consequences. Texas will never again leave her citizens in the dark, especially since we live in an energy abundant state.
  • For too long, we’ve let critical components of our state’s infrastructure slip away and fall into the hands of foreign investors. As governor, I will put Texas first and enforce the laws on the books that protect our infrastructure.
  • I will create a grid security commission to ensure protection from attacks to our state’s energy system.
  • Texas will continue to find new markets for our oil and gas resources, enabling other countries a choice, rather than be held hostage to adversarial nations.

Protecting Children and Families

I know that the wise and discerning King Solomon said in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way that they should go, that when they grow old, they shall not depart from it.” And, I believe it was George Benson – before the chart-topping version by Whitney Houston — who sang the words, “I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess inside.” Our children are our most prized example of what our legacy shall be. However, even here in Texas, there appears to be a war against our children. We must protect our children and teach them well, educate them, and not indoctrinate them with ideologies that are antithetical to Texas, and our foundation.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will fight to end the practice of murdering our unborn children in Texas as birth control. When a woman or young girl is violently attacked, I cannot be the man that tells her what decision she must make next. My heart aches for her, and her family, and I can only imagine the pain she and her family are enduring. These women and young ladies are in my prayers, and I won’t be the man to make that decision. Nevertheless, I will, as Governor, sign pro-life legislation without any exceptions, if it comes to my desk for signature. I am proud we have passed the Heartbeat Bill in Texas. I am proud that we have so many Texas cities stepping up to be sanctuary cities for life, with Lubbock being the largest. Murdering our unborn children in Texas by the brutal means of dismemberment must end. For those who would charge taking a stand for life is somehow racist, note that the largest facility for murdering unborn babies in America is located in Houston: Planned Parenthood’s headquarters. Margaret Sanger was a white supremacist, racist, and referred to Blacks as “undesirables” and “human weeds.” Over 70 percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are in minority communities. I will not allow organizations like Planned Parenthood, who openly work with Satanists, to operate in Texas.
  • We must end child gender modification in Texas. It is unconscionable that we are chemically and physically castrating our children in Texas and healthy tissue and body parts mutilated. We must stop the indoctrination of our children with this dangerous delusion and mental illness called gender dysphoria. One thing you can be assured of, I will never accept contributions from any hospital or clinic that is associated with gender reassignment surgeries, a growing industry in Texas . . . Approximately 16 new clinics have opened, and Planned Parenthood has extended its business plan to include this heinous practice of hormonal therapies, puberty blockers, and body part removal for our Texas children.
  • I will put an end to sex-trafficking in Texas. We are the #1 state and Houston and Dallas are the top two cities in the country for sex-trafficking. An estimated $25-30 million is made each week off the trafficking of humans. We will go after, and harshly punish, those who are thriving off sexual exploitation of our children. Some have estimated that it starts as early as the age of seven. We do not protect our children by allowing monsters to take away their innocence.
  • Texas’ current model for child support does not rely on information about parents’ incomes nor the time that children spend with each of their parents while placing an unnecessary bureaucratic burden on families. Additionally, our state does not adjust payment amounts downward as parenting time increases, encouraging uninvolved parents but discouraging involved parents. To combat these issues, I will remove section 201.107c from the Texas Family Law Code, implement credits for parenting time adjustments, use means testing to determine the necessity of child support, and consider both parents incomes in order to reform child support.
  • The federal government has no jurisdiction in matters of marriage. Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution lists the specified duties and responsibilities of the federal government, legislative branch. The 10th Amendment clearly states that those powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the States and the People. The federal government does not issue marriage licenses, the States do. Obergfell v Hodges was the SCOTUS case on the issue of marriage that was the result of the State of California seeing their referendum on same sex marriage fail. As usual the progressive socialist left, in conjunction with the radical LGBT community, took the matter to the courts. The judicial branch in America interprets law, they do not make law. It is not the enumerated duty of the federal government to decide on “marriage equality”. Therefore, there is no federal law establishing same sex marriage as the law of the land. I support marriage defined as one man and one woman, and that is a State’s constitutional duty.”
  • I support the traditional nuclear family: one man and one woman in the home raising their children. I was born in 1961 in a Blacks-only hospital in Atlanta Georgia, however, at that time, the two-parent household average, nationally, in the Black community, was well over 70 percent. Today that average is 24 percent. The progressive socialist left has taken aim against the traditional family and seeks its demise. We can see the ramifications in the killing fields of our inner cities: gangs, drugs, and violence. It was a Democrat, President Lyndon Johnson, who in his Great Society welfare programs, began the destruction of the Black family. The left wants to expand that decimation. In Texas, we will offer a resounding “No!”
  • Corruption in our Child Protective Services and our Department of Family and Protective Services has yet to be properly addressed and Texas children continue to suffer at the hands of our government. I plan to reform CPS and DFPS to bring about a great change and ensure that the lives of our youth are preserved.

Defending Education

The left has declared war on our children and is fighting this war through our schools. Our leaders have failed our students and their families, therefore jeopardizing our future. We must defend our children and teach them well, educate them, and not indoctrinate them with ideologies that are antithetical to Texas, and our identity.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will support and get school choice passed in Texas. The door that opens up the equality of opportunity for our children is a quality education.
  • I will not allow any child in Texas to be relegated to a failed school system nor will I force their parents co-parent with the government. State control of education was one of Karl Marx’s planks in The Communist Manifesto. School choice is the civil rights issue of our time. Let’s stop putting the interests of teachers’ unions over our Texas children.
  • I will fight the ideological war in our schools. As governor, I will not appoint leftists to our Texas Board of Regents and will clean our Texas Education Agency (TEA) to prevent the radical left’s control over the minds of our children. The State of Texas will not allow federal or third-party grants that advance progressive socialist indoctrination programs such as Critical Race Theory or Social Emotional Learning.
  • I will cut funding from colleges and universities that make draconian and tyrannical actions to violate the individual rights, liberty, and freedoms of students.
  • I will uphold and defend the Texas Open Meetings Act to ensure our school board meetings remain open to parents.
  • I will not sign any legislation that threatens the freedom of homeschool families. It is a fundamental right of a parent to be the director of the upbringing and education of their children.

Curtailing Foreign Influence

America has several declared adversaries, namely China, Iran, North Korea, and Islamic jihadism, terrorists.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will not allow these adversaries to wield any influence in the Lone Star State.
  • I will not allow former leadership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or members of its military to purchase large tracts of land in Texas.
  • I will push back against Confucian Institutes being established on our college and university campuses.
  • I will not allow the companies with ties to the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to operate in the State of Texas, namely ZTE and Huawei, among any others.
  • I will not allow entities supporting Islamic jihadism to thrive in Texas. There will be no support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, or any others in Texas. Let us never forget that the largest Islamic terrorist funding case was here in Texas, the Holy Land Foundation.

Medical Freedom

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the people of our great state of Texas have witnessed their leaders completely overstep their boundaries to make collective health decisions, such as mask mandates and vaccination requirements, that should have been up to individuals in the first place. I believe each person is responsible for their own personal health and healthcare decisions and that our government should not dictate these private medical decisions.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will halt the implementation of vaccine mandates here in Texas. It amazes me how the left continues to use the argument of “my body my choice” to justify the murdering of unborn babies, yet, somehow, they believe it is completely ethical to mandate experimental vaccines for a virus with a 99.98 percent recovery rate. I believe that the choice of COVID-19 vaccination should be up to an individual and not to governments or crony corporate officials.
  • Texas will not experience another round of draconian edicts like mask mandates or the forced closure of small businesses. No Texan should be deemed an “inessential” worker; every job is essential. I fought this when I added Executive Overreach as the RPT “Chairman’s Priority” and will continue to fight this as Governor.
  • I will continue to support the current medical marijuana system outlined in the Texas Compassionate Use Act signed into law in 2015.

Election Integrity

In the wake of the 2020 General Election, many Texans have questioned the reliability of our state’s election systems, as there are over 500 election fraud cases before the courts and 400 other fraud cases under investigation. One of the cornerstones of our representative democracy is the right to free and fair elections, so I believe that it is important to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that the residents of the Lone Star State have complete confidence in their elections.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will support a full, comprehensive forensic audit of ballots, voting system software platforms, voting records, and records kept by local election administrators, such as what is outlined in Texas House Bill 241, to assess the accuracy of the reported election results and compliance with our state’s election laws.
  • I will ensure that the audit will be done by an independent third-party and focus on the most populous 13 counties in the Lone Star State.
  • Voting systems in Texas will produce paper ballot records and “risk-limiting audits” of ballots in statewide elections will occur.
  • I will support the use of voter ID to ensure each person legally able to cast a vote can do so with the confidence that their vote is counted and counted correctly.
  • Texas will abolish mail-in-ballots until security measures are put in place to ensure free and fair elections.

Gun Rights

An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject. Self-defense is a natural right endowed by our creator to protect our life, liberty, and property. The first step a communist government takes in reaching power is confiscating guns from their citizens. This will not happen under my watch.

As Governor of Texas:

  • I will oppose any legislation that disrupts our Second Amendment right to bear arms.
  • Texas will be a beacon for gun rights and self-defense for the nation.