Leadership and Courage

Texas is blessed with three stellar GOP primary challengers running to become Governor of Texas. I respect and appreciate all of them. They are patriots, and all would be excellent leaders of the Lone Star State. Supporters of each should commit to wholeheartedly backing the GOP primary winner.

In every campaign season since I started paying attention to politics, candidates and activists proclaim that “this” is the most important election season in history.

In 2022, no truer words were ever spoken, especially as to the top leadership positions in state level races. The reason is simple and undeniable: we are watching a left-wing simultaneous power grab and wrecking ball operation against America at the federal level. From attempting to federalize and permanently corrupt the election system, to weakening our military, and from supporting and legitimizing vaccine mandates that are utterly contrary to the guarantee of individual liberty, to abandonment of the southern border, and countless other outrages related to dozens of other important issues, we are way outside of politics as usual. We are losing the presumption of freedom in America.

The pro-America and pro-freedom movement needs leaders across the country who understand the extremely high stakes of the 2022 midterm (and beyond) elections in these terms, and who can inspire and rally voters of all backgrounds and ages to recognize the big picture about why voting to preserve liberty in America is vital.

That is why I am endorsing Lt. Col. Allen West for Governor of Texas. In his life story of leadership and courage, and his speaking and writing, it is abundantly obvious that he understands the issues facing Texas in this all-important big picture context. He says the brave and bold and true things about Texas and America, and he inspires and motivates, at a time when we need compelling leaders to do that.

States are the battlegrounds where freedom-lovers must take a stand and must win. These next several elections are going to be about whether candidates understand just how at risk our national and state heritage of liberty really is, and whether they have the necessary clarity and conviction to act as ideological war-time leaders to protect and preserve and build upon that heritage.

Debbie Georgatos, Host of America, Can We Talk