Personal Endorsement of Allen West for Governor of Texas

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend my prior Commander, Allen B. West, for the Executive position of Governor of the State of Texas. It was my pleasure to serve under the leadership of LTC. Allen West. His leadership as my Battalion Commander, during Iraqi Freedom in the sands of the Middle East and prior to deployment at Fort Hood, Texas allowed me a personal view into many of the traits I feel are strengths which will benefit our great State when we elect him as our next Governor. In my 20 years of active military service, including deployments in Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Intrinsic Action 1993, I place my time under his command as the most rewarding of any I had the pleasure of serving my country under. Any person can hold a position down with good people under them, but true leadership is the ability to guide others and influence them to become better than the sum of their parts. To have others you are responsible for in harm’s way is a challenge at any time, but to stand in the gap and fight beside and sometimes in front of your men and women, is both courageous, and inspiring. He both led from the front, and took responsibility for mistakes made. I followed him daily in combat outside the wire, and found him to be both honest and loyal. Without a doubt I feel Allen West will stand for the State of Texas with moral clarity, and intestinal fortitude. He “lives” the words, “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Integrity and Personal Courage.” In times such as this, Leaders must lead, they must make the hard decisions, prepare, train and supply those that are expected to carry out the tasks put in front of them, and be willing to hold the feet to the fire of those not able or willing to answer the righteous call. These are the times for which leaders are called and I believe Allen West is such a leader. Thank you for the opportunity to share my recommendation.

Rodney D. Taylor

Rodney D. Taylor, SFC (U.S. Army Retired)