Endorsed By We The People

Doc Chambers Endorses LTC Allen West (Ret). for TX Governor

My military career has spanned 38 years. That time has formed my ability to lead and identify leaders. For the last two years, I have been on the front line of two of the most important issues affecting Texans.

As a member of the current Governor's COVID Task Force and the border mission, I have witnessed both the optics and reality.

Never in our lifetime have we witnessed a more compelling need for LTC West's style of solid, non-optic driven style of leadership. I fully endorse Allen West without reservation.

LTC Pete Chambers (Ret.)

Stephen Willeford Endorses Allen West

In the last few years, I have had the immense privilege of getting to know a man I deeply respect. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is a man of integrity, service, and faith. He is the right man for Texas.

His beliefs regarding the constitution, gun rights, border policy, and fiscal conservatism are the values that will continue to guide Texas in the right direction. More importantly, West is a man of faith, with a deep moral compass. He is the pro-life, pro-freedom, limited government candidate that we need for the next Texas governor.

With all these things in mind, I am proud to endorse Allen West for Texas Governor.

Stephen Willeford

Former US Marshal Endorses West

As a former Commander with United States Marshal Service and having spent the past three decades tracking down violent felony fugitives like terrorists, murderers, illegals, and sex offenders to name a few.

It is paramount that the American people vote for strong and qualified candidates into prominent positions within our government. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West is a dedicated warrior with a forward vision that is much needed to secure our borders and keep the American people safe in the communities that they live and work in!

I 100% support Lieutenant Colonel Allen West for Governor in the great state of Texas!”

Lenny DePaul

Personal Endorsement of Allen West for Governor of Texas

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend my prior Commander, Allen B. West, for the Executive position of Governor of the State of Texas. It was my pleasure to serve under the leadership of LTC. Allen West. His leadership as my Battalion Commander, during Iraqi Freedom in the sands of the Middle East and prior to deployment at Fort Hood, Texas allowed me a personal view into many of the traits I feel are strengths which will benefit our great State when we elect him as our next Governor. In my 20 years of active military service, including deployments in Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Intrinsic Action 1993, I place my time under his command as the most rewarding of any I had the pleasure of serving my country under. Any person can hold a position down with good people under them, but true leadership is the ability to guide others and influence them to become better than the sum of their parts. To have others you are responsible for in harm’s way is a challenge at any time, but to stand in the gap and fight beside and sometimes in front of your men and women, is both courageous, and inspiring. He both led from the front, and took responsibility for mistakes made. I followed him daily in combat outside the wire, and found him to be both honest and loyal. Without a doubt I feel Allen West will stand for the State of Texas with moral clarity, and intestinal fortitude. He “lives” the words, “Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, and Integrity and Personal Courage.” In times such as this, Leaders must lead, they must make the hard decisions, prepare, train and supply those that are expected to carry out the tasks put in front of them, and be willing to hold the feet to the fire of those not able or willing to answer the righteous call. These are the times for which leaders are called and I believe Allen West is such a leader. Thank you for the opportunity to share my recommendation.

Rodney D. Taylor

Rodney D. Taylor, SFC (U.S. Army Retired)

Absolute Constitutional Warrior!

Texas needs a gungho absolute constitutional warrior governor for we the people of the great state of Texas, and Colonel Allen West is just the man for the job.

Ted Nugent

Allen West: Strength and Commitment

Allen West is a man with the strength needed to serve as Texas Governor. His commitment to serving the citizens of Texas is strong and needed. We Texans are fatigued with unkept promises and need a leader with a strong personality who will work for the citizens instead of "pretending" to serve the taxpayers. Please vote for and support Lt. Col. Allen West for Texas Governor.

Alma Jackson

Leadership and Courage

Texas is blessed with three stellar GOP primary challengers running to become Governor of Texas. I respect and appreciate all of them. They are patriots, and all would be excellent leaders of the Lone Star State. Supporters of each should commit to wholeheartedly backing the GOP primary winner.

In every campaign season since I started paying attention to politics, candidates and activists proclaim that “this” is the most important election season in history.

In 2022, no truer words were ever spoken, especially as to the top leadership positions in state level races. The reason is simple and undeniable: we are watching a left-wing simultaneous power grab and wrecking ball operation against America at the federal level. From attempting to federalize and permanently corrupt the election system, to weakening our military, and from supporting and legitimizing vaccine mandates that are utterly contrary to the guarantee of individual liberty, to abandonment of the southern border, and countless other outrages related to dozens of other important issues, we are way outside of politics as usual. We are losing the presumption of freedom in America.

The pro-America and pro-freedom movement needs leaders across the country who understand the extremely high stakes of the 2022 midterm (and beyond) elections in these terms, and who can inspire and rally voters of all backgrounds and ages to recognize the big picture about why voting to preserve liberty in America is vital.

That is why I am endorsing Lt. Col. Allen West for Governor of Texas. In his life story of leadership and courage, and his speaking and writing, it is abundantly obvious that he understands the issues facing Texas in this all-important big picture context. He says the brave and bold and true things about Texas and America, and he inspires and motivates, at a time when we need compelling leaders to do that.

States are the battlegrounds where freedom-lovers must take a stand and must win. These next several elections are going to be about whether candidates understand just how at risk our national and state heritage of liberty really is, and whether they have the necessary clarity and conviction to act as ideological war-time leaders to protect and preserve and build upon that heritage.

Debbie Georgatos, Host of America, Can We Talk

Trump Surrogate Endorses LTC Allen West for Governor of TX

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, Republican candidate for Governor of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott has failed to address the most important issue that affects all aspects of our lives – protecting our sovereignty through border security. Since November 6, 2020, Governor Abbott has had the opportunity and the obligation to prepare a plan of action to repel the open border illegal alien invasion that was immediately orchestrated by incoming President Joe Biden. Abbott’s do-nothing border protection policies have institutionally allowed the current chaotic and extremely dangerous conditions in so many Texas cities and towns. He has sacrificed the safety of Texas families for his future political aspirations. Abbott’s too-little-too-late policies featuring container stacking for border walls has failed miserably and his policies have possibly led to the deaths of untold thousands of Americans, not only here in Texas, but across our great nation. With Abbott’s leadership crime without punishment has risen, and Texans have had enough. Governor Abbott failed to plan and failed to act!

In 2015-16, I was named a “Donald Trump for President” surrogate, and spoke out often for his immigration policies on national television and across the airwaves. As a former Texas Republican congressional candidate, and as an expert witness testifying before the U.S. Congress’ National Security subcommittee, I have been outspoken on this issue. For over a decade, I became uniquely experienced and am strongly compelled to weigh-in on the critical governor’s race for our great State of Texas. And, with Lt. Colonel Allen West as governor, I believe that he will lead this state and secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness here in Texas.

In February 2015, a small group of patriots, a Texas Senator, and I pleaded – to no avail -- with Governor Abbott to secure Texas by utilizing resources through a Multi-state Compact Agreement. Ignored by Governor Abbott, Texas Sheriffs and county officials in at least 25 Texas counties filed unprecedented Declarations of Disaster caused exclusively from the illegal alien invasion into their communities. Today, our Texas border remains wide open and Biden’s catch and release of illegal aliens into Texas continues, and Abbott has no plan!

Today, our beloved state of Texas no longer leads the nation in protecting our basic freedoms and liberties. Abbott seems to have acquiesced and surrendered Texas’ right to defend itself under the Texas Constitution, but instead continues to point to the federal government for help – knowing help will not arrive.

Lt. Colonel West is the dependable and courageous leader who is willing to buck the establishment in order save Texas. Lt. Colonel West understands the insurgency facing Texas aimed to topple the United States of America. Allen is the true “America first” candidate who is ready to governor and implement a “Texas first” agenda.

I ask for your prayers and your vote in support of Lt. Colonel Allen West for Governor of our Great State of Texas.

Maria Espinoza
Host, Maria Espinoza Show
Former Trump Surrogate
Co-founder, The Remembrance Project
and America First Latinos

Maria Espinoza

Proud to Endorse a Patriot

It’s my pleasure to endorse Allen. As this quote from President Theodore Roosevelt states,“In a crisis, the man worth his salt is the man who meets the needs of the situation in whatever way is necessary.”

I’m proud to endorse my friend and patriot for the next Governor of the GREAT State of TEXAS!

Jack Wilson
Texas Medal of Courage recipient

Jack Wilson, Texas Medal of Courage recipient

The right man for Texas

Texas needs a governor that will be with you all of the time. Not a part timer like the current resident. America stands with Allen West just as he stood for us.

James Taylor