Contract with Texas

LTC West’s Contract to Defend the Texas Republic

The American republic is in grave danger. We have wandered far from the guiding principles that established our nation and preserved our way of life for more than two centuries. Because Texas was once a republic, its citizens have a unique perspective on the preciousness of independence and the sacrifices that secured our freedoms. We cherish this exceptional system of government and recognize the imminent threats that can destroy what our Founders called “the great experiment” known as the United States of America.

For America to endure, every generation must safeguard our constitutional republic and representative democracy from misguided public policies and the destructive attitudes and actions of its enemies, foreign and domestic. To that end, we, as patriotic Texans and Americans, hereby reaffirm the timeless truths for which millions of freedom-loving men and women have devoted their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to defend as the immutable core values that have made our country the city set upon a hill to the whole world.

We, the people of Texas, believe that:

  • The Constitution of the United States must be preserved, protected, and defended at all costs
  • All people are created equal and should be free to flourish without prejudice
  • All people must be allowed to practice their religion freely without governmental interference
  • The failed political systems of socialism, Marxism, and/or communism are antithetical to the principles set out in the American Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution
  • The military must be strong enough to protect us from foreign aggression
  • Law enforcement must be strong enough to protect people and personal property from destructive acts of lawlessness
  • All citizens have the right to self-defense
  • All citizens should be free to obtain quality healthcare
  • All human life must be protected from the womb to the grave
  • The family must be esteemed as the irreplaceable cornerstone of society
  • All children deserve the best education available
  • All people have a responsibility to be practical stewards of our planet
  • Immigrants must enter the U.S. legally, respect the rule of law and seek to contribute to society
  • All levels of government must advance policies that help businesses create jobs and economic security for all
  • All lawmakers must write laws that are clear, necessary, and affordable
  • All courts must interpret the laws justly and impartially

Recognizing these fundamental rights and responsibilities, we invite all Americans to join us in renewing their commitment to these timeless truths and encouraging elected officials to embrace and defend these core values so that future generations will enjoy the freedom, peace, and prosperity our Founding Fathers envisioned long ago and for which millions have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I, Lt. Col (Ret.) Allen B. West, do proudly affix my name to this document as my Contract to Defend the Texas Republic on this, the 4th of July, 2021.

Steadfast and Loyal,

My thanks Michael Wm. Schick for the work that he has done to craft this contract.