The Rule of Law

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

Greetings, everyone! I just want to remind everyone that today, January 31st, is the last day for voter registration for this upcoming primary election in Texas. Early voting will commence on February 14th through the 25th. Primary Election Day is March 1st.

It has been a whirlwind these past eight days. We have taken our message to many parts of the Lone Star State. We have gone to Amarillo, El Paso, Alpine, Odessa, Mt Pleasant, Texarkana, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Uvalde, Conroe, Huntsville, Laredo, Zapata, Roma, Rio Grande City, McAllen, Sunset, and Keller. It was truly an honor, and pleasure, to meet my fellow Texans and share thoughts, perspectives, and insights as well as hear their concerns.

Today is the last day of January, 2022. Doggone, the month flew by, and we say goodbye to National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month. Not too many people speak of that, but I had the distinction of moderating a National Human Trafficking conference held by Childproof America in Cypress, Texas, this month. Texas is the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking, Houston and Dallas are the top two cities for sex trafficking. We still have a drug trafficking crisis here in Texas, fueling the deaths of over 100,000 of young Americans due to fentanyl. Texas is the #3 state in the country for missing children. Just recently, the capital city of Texas, Austin, was ranked #3 in the country for murder.

We can talk about symptoms, but the real disease, and emergency in Texas, is not the Omicron variant. The real issue in Texas, and America, is the breakdown of the rule of law.

We live in a Republic. A democracy is the means by which we elect our representatives. In a Republic there are two critical aspects, the rights, freedoms, and liberties of the individual citizen. Notice I did not say serf or subject. The second critical aspect is the rule of law, our US Constitution and our Texas State Constitution. The issue here in Texas is that the rule of law is seen by some elected officials as a recommendation, not as a foundation by which we the people are to be governed.

Case in point, the US Constitution states in Article 4, Section 4 (the Guarantee Clause) that the federal government is to protect every state in the union from invasion.

So, why do we have hundreds of thousands flowing across our border illegally, here in Texas? And, please, you progressive socialists, stop with the “asylum seeker” and “migrant” line of linguistic bovine excrement. What we witnessed recently in Brownsville, Texas, where single, military-aged, illegal immigrant males were released is a violation of our rule of law, and our state sovereignty. We have had countless flights of illegal immigrants taking off and landing in the middle of the night in Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, and Tennessee. Recent reports state that since they have no identification, illegals are being authorized to use their arrest warrants as ID to fly on our commercial airlines.

We have a breakdown of our rule of law.

The constitution, Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, gives an enumerated power to states, when actually invaded, when there is imminent danger without any admit of delay to take action. So, why are we sitting here in Texas acting completely neutered while the federal government abdicates its constitutional duty and responsibility — unconstitutionally by executive order — a guarantee?

We have a breakdown of our rule of law.

How could it be that someone here in Texas illegally, with prior criminal offenses, is able to shoot and kill a Houston law enforcement officer?

How is it that some 155 Houstonians have lost their lives to violent criminals who have been released on personal recognizance bonds by judicial leftist activists? As well, the young man who participated in last year’s mass shooting on 6th Street in Austin (1 dead, 14 wounded) was just released on a personal recognizance bail to await trial. We have District Attorneys (DAs) in Texas — much the same as the NYC DA — who refuse to prosecute certain crimes. Here in Dallas County where I reside, the leftist DA Jon Cruezot, does not prosecute anything less than $750. Yet, here in Dallas, my own wife was arrested and charged with a DUI and a felony offense of endangering a minor for drinking lemonade and water. Oh by the way, she did not get a personal recognizance bail release.

We have a breakdown of our rule of law.

How did we get to this point, even here in Texas? First of all, we have failed to recognize the abject delusional tenacity, and yes, evil, of the progressive socialist Marxist, left. These are people who care little for the three branches of government. They prefer the three branches of rule — media, academia, and the courts. Just as a side note, the Governor of Texas is empowered in the Texas State Constitution, Article 15, Section 8, to initiate impeachment proceedings on state judges who are not adhering to the rule of law, interpreting law, instead of being leftist ideologues. The question has to be, why has Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, not done so, especially in the cases previously described in Houston?

Gov. Abbott is aiding and abetting the breakdown of our rule of law.

How did we get to this point of countless edicts, orders, mandates and decrees, used to threaten, coerce, and intimidate Texans into submission? Show me where any elected official has the enumerated power to decide who and what is essential. You can’t.

Where does Joe Biden get off telling the American people that they must get a shot of an experimental injection? Vaccines eradicate a disease, this is just a shot, and it appears, a not very effective one in many cases, and verifiably dangerous in others. Why hasn’t Texas Gov. Abbott held a special session to pass a law banning shot mandates and preserving body autonomy from unconstitutional federal overreach?

We have a serious breakdown of our rule of law.

The GOP Primary Election is just a month away. There are many issues we face here in Texas. We are about to see if our power grid can take a surge in demand as a 2-3 day winter storm is headed our way. We must transition away from our current Marxist property tax system. We must reign in the profligate spending sickness in Austin, 19 percent increase in state government spending since 2015. We must protect our children from cultural Marxism, gender modification procedures, from being murdered in the womb, and provide them better educational opportunities (Texas is 46 or 47 out of 50 in education). Our border is unsecured. Texans are being killed on our streets at an alarming rate.

The essence of rectifying so much of this has to do with our rule of law, and reestablishing its preeminence.

As Governor of Texas, I will not be a constitutional monarch seeking to dismiss our state constitution to rule over Texas. No, I will be a staunch guardian of the Texas Republic and defend its foundation and fundamentals with all my duly enumerated constitutional powers.

One of my favorite reads is the essay “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat. It is time we get back to understanding the purpose of the law, and the government’s role in protecting your life, liberty, and property. It is time for Texans to remember that the government exists not as a “self licking ice cream cone” but only by the consent of the governed, by the citizens served.

Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)