A Line in the Sand

Posted on Feb 21, 2022

Greetings, everyone. I pray y'all had a wonderful weekend, and Happy President's Day! I long for the day of iconic American presidents again. Speaking of iconic, this week stands as one of the great moments in Texas and US history. This week, 186 years ago, a hearty band of some 190 showed up at a place in San Antonio de Bexar and occupied an old Spanish mission called The Alamo.

Yes, it was on February 23, 1836, when Lt. Col. William Barret Travis and others manned their small garrison. There would be other names that would be branded into the folklore and mystique of the Lone Star State: Bowie, Seguin, and Crockett. The following day, February 24, Travis wrote his famous letter, delivered to Sam Houston by Juan Seguin. If you have never read Travis' letter, it is imperative to do so, as it is indicative of the Texas fighting spirit. We are told that on Saturday March 5th, facing an impending fate, having held for some 12 days, that Travis drew his saber and drew a line in the sand. He challenged the other men with him to step across and enjoin the battle with end, regardless of the consequences. Even Bowie, who was confined to a bed, had his bed lifted and taken across the line.  

It was the line of no surrender, no retreat! Today, Texas is facing a line-in-the-sand moment. As a matter of fact, last year there was a book written titled, "Forgetting the Alamo, The Rise and Fall of an American Myth." The challenge Texas faces today is just as dangerous, perhaps more so, than the threat of the dictator, General Santa Anna. It represents a modern dictatorship, a true enemy of individual liberty and freedom. It is fascistic in nature, and totalitarian in its objectives: progressive socialism, Marxism, statism, cancel culture. This philosophy of failure and creed of ignorance seeks to destroy the very spirit upon which those men stood upon freedom's rampart. It is an ideological belief that relegates the individual to being a subject, economically dependent, devoid of liberty, and helpless in the onslaught of wokeness.


Let us not be fooled. Even with so-called Republican elected officials, Texas is facing a perilous future, unless we find the measure of men, and women, who take their place on the right side of the line in the sand. We saw an article last week in Katy Christian Magazine that Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, and Speaker of the House Phelan received a total of $2.4 million in campaign contributions from gender modification clinics in order to advance the heinous, evil, policy of child gender modification in Texas. This is is highly disconcerting. The fact that the Republican Party of Texas has a legislative priority to end the chemical and physical castration of children in Texas, and these despicable men would betray our kids for the modern-day "30 pieces of silver" is disheartening.


As we saw in a video from the Abbott spokesperson, Steve Munisteri, the sovereignty of Texas is not as important as the regard for an insidious (un)Supreme Court decision. Texas is facing an invasion that far exceeds the numbers of Santa Anna's force. To have a sitting Governor who obviously lacks the courage and will to fight on the right side of the line in the sand is unimaginable.


The situation in Texas for our very own National Guard troops has so deteriorated that they are now seeking to unionize! This has been reported in the Army Times and Military.com. True leaders take care of their troops rather than use them as political pawns for the sake of political advancement. These same troops are being coerced, intimidated, into surrendering their body autonomy to get a shot in the arm, which hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing into Texas are not subjected to receive.


And, oh, by the way, Texans are still being forced to lose their jobs as they have no protection from vaccine mandates in the Lone Star State, per emails received by our campaign.


Texas is facing a human and sex trafficking crisis, along with a drug trafficking crisis. We have the proliferation of cultural Marxism (CRT) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), along with obscene and pornographic materials flooding our school libraries.


This is a line in the sand moment for Texas. The question is: shall we honor those who, 186 years ago, made their stand, gave their lives? Or, shall we, indeed, surrender, retreat, and dishonor them?


No, I say we stand, and we fight. I love the Texas Flag Memorial in Montgomery County where the bronze statue of "The Texan" is on display. There he is, taking the hill and planting our banner, the Lone Star flag into the ground. That statue, along with The Cenotaph memorial, defines who we are, true Texans, our spirit. It is the reason why I am in this race to be the next Texas Governor.


It is why I have stepped across Travis' line, just as another former member of the US House of Representatives did, from the state where I earned my title of Tennessee Volunteer, Davy Crockett.


This week is also the last week of early voting in this primary election, Tuesday through Friday. Next week, Tuesday March 1, is election day. Some reading this missive have not voted. Some reading this know someone who is not even aware that there is an election forthcoming. There are many who do not even care, and in doing so, dishonor the men represented by that bronze statue in Montgomery County, birthplace of the Texas flag.


The results of March 1, 2022 will determine what happens on future March 2nds. Yes, March 2nd is Texas Independence Day. Texas is the only state in these United States of America that has its own Declaration of Independence, March 2d, 1836. Will that spirit of independence live on? Or shall it be relegated to the ash heaps of history as the aforementioned book indicates.


The book of Esther references "for a time such as this," this is our line in the sand moment. On which side of the line will you stand?


Steadfast and Loyal,

Lt. Col. Allen B. West (Ret.)

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